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What Is A Mezuzah | Hanging and Rolling The Mezuzah Scroll | VIDEOS

A great video that explains the concept of the Mezuzah. The Tradition of hanging the Mezuzah on the doorpost, the meaning behind hanging the Mezuzah, Mezuzah hanging instructions and what is the Mezuzah Parchment or scroll inside the Mezuzah case. Presented by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg, Rabbi of the Ezra-Habonim, Niles Township Jewish Congregation of Skokie, a native of Chicago.

An instructional video that teaches you how to roll the Mezuzah Parchment (Mezuzah Scroll) or Klaf as its called in Hebrew. The rolling is done Left to Right and is done very carefully to avoid damaging the hand written prayer. In this case the Mezuzah is wrapped in plastic and inserted into a plastic Mezuzah casing. Feel free to choose from a great selection of Handmade Mezuzah Cases available on this site.

Rolling The Mezuzah
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